Utica/Sterling Heights Attractions

Glo Golf

Venue Prices

1 game (1 round) - $8.00
Glo-Works special (1 round of golf and glo-bright necklace) - $13.00
  • In Store Specials

    Tuesday Special | Every attraction just $4 (Springz not included)

    Young Fun Special | $10 per person for 1 ticket each of: Play Zone, Mini-Bowling and Jump Zone

    Fun Factory Special | $18 per person for three tickets to be used on your choice of attractions

    Fun Four All Special | $22 per person for four tickets to be used on your choice of attractions

    High Five Special | $27 per person for 2 games Laser Tag, 1 game Glo-Golf and 2 tickets for your choice

Neon colored miniature golf...all indoors, and glowing under black-lights!

Our fully themed course starts out in fun locales like the streets of New York City, a Carnival, or the Pyramids of Egypt then takes a dive into an underwater adventure complete with dolphins, sharks and sunken treasure! Next, you emerge from the water into a tropical jungle lush and green and teaming with animals. Finally you finish the course in a prehistoric world filled with lava, flying Pterodactyls, and a 40-foot Brontosaurus! Watch your step!

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