Ann Arbor Attractions

Laser Tag

Venue Prices

1 Game - $8.00
2 Games - $15.00
3 Games - $18.00
  • In Store Specials

    Tuesday Special | Every attraction just $4

    Laser-Cannon Special | $10 for 1 game Laser Tag and one game Cannon Blaster

    Wednesday Party Special | Get one extra attraction with your party package held on a Wednesday

    Thursday Party Special | $25 off any birthday party package held on a Thursday

Whatever the occasion - whether it's for the kid's birthday, a family reunion or a team building event - Zap Zone delivers unsurpassed excitement and the most exhilarating, action packed, heart stopping unforgettable adventure you've ever imagined!

The Place

Zap Zone is the most advanced laser game entertainment system in the world. The Zap Zone experience is like stepping into real life video game where over 40 players and three teams can play at one time. Our maze-like arena features multiple levels with ramps leading to the upper level. Fog highlights the visibility of the laser beams.

The Player

Zap Zone is designed for, teens, parents, families, business people, associations, school groups, and organizations - experienced or novice. The recommended minimum age is 5 years old because the equipment is one size fits all.

The Equipment

Each player is provided with a phaser and computerized vest after being thoroughly briefed on the rules and strategies of the game. Each vest has a unique name or id.

The Mission

Your objective is to deactivate the opposing players and their base with the use of your phaser, as a sophisticated computer program tallies your individual and team scores. The team that accumulates the most points wins. At the end of the game, you are led out of the arena to analyze your personal score sheet and plan for the next adventure.

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